Three concerts in different cities of the Luhansk region performed by an international orchestra and choir under the guidance of conductor Vitaly Alekseenok (Germany/Belarus) were the project´s highlights in summer 2019.

Musicians and singers from different parts of Ukraine and other countries prepared a musical program that included W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, M. Berezovsky and works by other composers.

Soloist: Tatiana Zhuravel (Ukraine).

The program of the concert "Listening for a Better Understanding" was dictated by the very name of the project. This is a dialogue between different styles, aesthetics, and nations.

In the first part, the premiere of the work by contemporary Belarusian composer Olga Podgayskaya "The Presence" was performed. She wrote this piece specifically for the project. This kind of dedication to the region and its inhabitants was figuratively connected with the situation in the Luhansk region at that time.

Then, in the first part, Schubert's "Symphony No. 7, Unfinished" was performed — after the brand new work by Podgayskaya, that work was quite familiar to the audience. On the one hand, that symphony was rich in melodic material, and on the other hand, it was a deep and rather tragic work, which, with all its beauty and elegance, was also anxious and brang a feeling of inaccessibility and hopelessness.

In the second part, the orchestra performed a Baroque-Renaissance program comprising works by 17th-18th-century composers from various countries of Western Europe.

Then the choir concert by Maxim Berezovsky was performed — this was the world premiere, the archival discovery by musicologist Olga Shumilina. It was symbolic that the work by the composer hailed from Glukhov in the Sumy region, who lived in Russia, studied in Italy and gained fame of the Ukrainian Mozart, was performed for the first time in his homeland.

In parallel to the choir concert, the "Mass in C Minor" by W. A. Mozart was performed. The genre of the mass is closely related to religious feelings, but also in the secular world, the music of the mass is a symbol of spirituality, which elevates people and gives them hope. This final piece was performed with the participation of the orchestra, the choir and the magnificent Ukrainian soloist Tatiana Zhuravel and created a light and a solemn mood.

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